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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  November 10, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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good evening, its busy wednesday night. we'll start with the power outage that knocked out the tesoro refinery in contra costa county. here is a live picture from sky 7 hd. you can see the flames shooting
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in the air. this is what it looked like earlier. it sent large plumes of black smoke into the air. a shelter in place was ordered but it is now over. the refinery is near martinez. this is one of the pictures that our viewers sent to us. let's go live to amy hollyfield who can walk you through exactly what happened. >> big question is why did the power go out. it caused a number of problems. aside from the obvious that you saw, the fire and the smoke, a lot of residents lost power in their homes and notification process was off. they weren't able to receive the e-mail notification. they couldn't watch the news and they didn't know there was a shelter in place. they issued it because of the plume of smoke and concerns what was burning that was being released in the air. the fire is the result of power outage that happened this afternoon, it had to burn off the product they were making at the refinery. >> the flares did what they were
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supposed to do, they released pressure from the system that we're trying to understand how the power outage happened. but the flares did what they were intended to do bringing the refinery down in reliable as possible manner. >> reporter: shelter in place was in effect for three hours, for 4:00 to 7:00 for north concord and east martinez. no reports of health complaints. most of the people we talked to aren't too concerned. they look at it as earthquakes. they live here and expect it and probably have to deal with an issue or two from the refinery. >> it's happened before and it will happen again. amy hollyfield, reporting. >> one week after the election we finally know tonight who won the race for oakland.
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jean kwan edged to victory with 10.98% of the vote. alan wanting is live and finally -- alan wang is live. >> jean kwan is going to be the next mayor of oakland. both the spending and deficit is out of control. they want to focus on crime, jobs and young people. they want to press police officers to put 9% into a pension fund and she wants to recruit 200 volunteers to mentor the at risk youth. her first part of order is to
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put a transition team together. >> why is it important to you? >> i think it's very important. i think that people chose their first choice but many people voted that way. >> it's still somewhat of a shocker because unofficial election results showed perata with a 11 point lead. as rank choice process kicked in she won by about 2,000 votes. perata out spent kwan and got more first place votes but kwan whose logo was block by block pushed her supporters to make her their second choice and it paid off.
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i'm alan wang, "abc 7 news." in the east bay more politics. jerry mcnerney declared victory but his republican challenge has not yet conceded. updated totals give him the lead of 1685 votes over republican david harmer but harmer said in a statement there were still too many sleots uncounted to know the true outcome. and there may not be a final tally in the race until after thanksgiving. >> children had to be rushed to the hospital after a clear even leak. it happened at a swimming school. lisa amin gulezian is there live tonight to explain what happened >> the school was closed as soon as the leak was discovered. staffers spent the night trying to air the place out. hazmat teams gave the all clear
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sign. the swim center was evacuated after some staffers smelled chlorine and it allowed it to back up and leak. it happened just before 2:00 right as one sex was ending and another was beginning. is several children were affected. many were rushed to area hospitals and treated for chlorine exposure the chemical was in the air and not the water. >> the 16 people were fortunate they have minor exposure of chlorine, minor, irritated to the nose, the throat and the eyes. >> we're obviously how anything could malfunction to that extent. >> reporter: the pump was closer to the shower pool where the youngest learn how to swim. 14 were taken to five hospitals including valley medical, stan for and kaiser, most were released earlier tonight. staffers were here until just a little while ago to tell parents
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who were here to drop off kids for swim lessons that had no idea what happened that the center was closed and are set to reopen on friday. new word tonight on california's budgeted woes. deficit now stand at more than $25 billion. that means governor elect jerry brown will have to hit the ground running. he'll have a week to present a balanced budget once he is sworn in in january. >> there will be no honeymoon for governor elect jerry brown. they project california's budget deficit to be a whopping $25 billion over the next 18 months. a shortfall everyone knows won't be easy to solve. >> we think it's a more realistic approach to think of a longer term way to bring it back into the balance. the problem is simply too large.
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>> it comes from the budget adopted last month. it's falling apart because it relied on many in washington, d.c. that probably won't come, money from washington, d.c. needy californians worry their social programs will be targeted again. it's one of few budget items. >> there is no way to run a government. it provides insecurity in all of our programs and people can't trust that government will be there for one day to the next. >> they want to temporary extend the tax hikes. they can't survive any more cuts. >> our schools are high on the list that people wanted to protect from deeper and further cuts because it's incredible hemorrhaging and we have to do
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something about it. >> the effort that is going to be waged by schools, how much more in cuts do you think schools can endure? >> judging from the election results, californians are in no mood to pony up more money. >> they are not sure they want to pay for it because they don't have the trust and confidence in the state government in terms of the way they are handling the money. >> brown is on vacation this week but a spokesman says he'll be diving into the budget problems when he returns. in the meantime, a transition team is reviewing the report. >> under the fallout of budget. college education is going up again. trustees approved a 15% tuition increase, 5% in january and 10% next fall. bringing the annual cost to more than $4800 a year. the tuition has gone up 76 am in
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the past five years. >> i don't go out to eat or anything like that. >> csu trustees the increases are needed to off set cuts in funding. well by now those passengers on the disabled cruise ship could use a stiff drink. just in time, carnival cruises reopens the bar but not much else. hear from the passengers from the disabled ship. plus, a hot spot where bay area commuters could face new tolls. >> i'm spencer christian, get ready for a chilly night. coming up in the forecast. >> and tonight, google flashes its cash but it should have been
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how much would you be willing to pay to drive your car in and out of san francisco, just drive in and out. they are looking for several options called congestion prices all of which will cost drivers during peak commute time. heather ishimaru has a look. >> they say something must be done about traffic congestion in san francisco. we have to find new ways to pay for transit and infrastructure improvements. the transportation authority says it found a way to do both, through congestion pricing and completed a study of option. >> it encourages people to think
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twice using a car, gives them better options. >> one is charging $3 during peak commute times when they leave the congested northeast quadrant. another is to charge $6 when leaving only during the evening commute. a third option that san francisco san mateo county line, charging $3 in both directions. they say the revenue would go into transit and infrastructure improvements. >> we understand this is big change. we're not talking about doing this tomorrow. >> to me it sounds ridiculous. >> she takes transit but doesn't go home on transit. >> sometimes my husband picks me up after work. so he is close by. pay $6 for me to leave the city? >> and northeast qand rant could be for him but not on the
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southern border? >> that is tough. i go down the south quite a bit on rar ren. that would be tougher for me. >> the study recommends that 50% discount for low income motorists. next month they will decide if the authorities should keep working toward a plan like this. heather ishimaru, "abc 7 news." times are tough everywhere. google is giving a 10% raise to all of its 23,000 employees. google ceo says he wants employees to be rewarded for their work but he wants staff from going to the competitors. several executives have been hired by facebook. in the meantime, the news was leaked to business insider and hours later, google notified staff they had terminated the employee responsible for that leak.
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>> passengers on a cruise ship off of mexico have been towed back in cell phone range. dark, smelly and frustrating conditions. here is affidavit wright. >> as the crippled cruise ship is slowly tugged back to port the engines may not work but the cell phones finally do. >> the fruit is all going bad and it isn't ripe yet. it's disgusting, you are afraid to eat it. >> just married last saturday but the honeymoon came to an abrupt and unhappy end. they had to clean out the cabin toilet so they wouldn't have to sleep with the smell. >> it's zbros. >> spoiled food is piling up because they require to discard it at port. all hands on deck in damage control mode. >> we do not like to ruin someone's vacation.
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>> there is some good news for 3300 passengers, some toilets work and air-conditioning isn't necessary. many passengers are treating it like a floating camping trip. >> it's been pitch black for several days. most of those folks have been up on the deck and a lot of them have been sleeping on the deck west side their blankets. >> there is no coffee because there some no hot bought. >> on top of it all the tugboat breaks down. >> they say one of the two mexican tugboats did briefly break down leaving with only one working tug called the chihuahua. >> the tug is back on the scene. they are getting along about seven knots. >> at that speed they should get it to san diego sometime tomorrow and many cannot wait to
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get off that ship. spencer christian is here with the forecast and you can't beat this forecast. >> we'll take this all year long right? it's like late spring but chilly tonight. here is a live view from high definition east bay camera looking towards san francisco and across the bay bridge. beautiful night, clear skies and cool conditions getting cooler as the night grows longer. 46 degrees in los gatos. concord, 47. temperatures are dropping. it's a pleasant evening but chilly overnight and low temperatures dropping rather low in some spots. colder tonight than last night with some pockets of fog possible. stretch of mild sunny days ahead and warmer than normal conditions this weekend and in to early next week. this afternoon, high pressure in control as the major factor and weather conditions and nice flow
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of cool air down from the northwest. overnight, low temperatures are going to get colder. napa, 36 degrees. 37 in santa rosa. 38 up at cloverdale. 38 will be the low at livermore. we'll see low 40s in many locations. closer to the bay a little bit less cool with lows in the mid to upper 40s at places like san francisco. high pressure, the controlling factor and it will be for several days to come. jetstream is flowing well to our north. no weather disturbances headed our way so a dry pattern heading into next week. starting in the south bay, sunny skies and high temperatures right around 65 to 67 degrees. san jose a high of 67. 66 in santa clara and campbell. on the peninsula, highs ranging from 64 to 65. 65 in redwood city, 61 in
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pacifica. so even on the coast it will be relatively mild for mid-november. downtown san francisco, a high of 64. 60 in the sunset district, up in the north bay, mid-60s, as well. up to 68 in santa rosa. 67 in calistoga. near east bay, highs laning from about 65 to 67 in most locations 67 and castro valley. 65 in hayward and san leandro. in the east bay, similar range of highs, of in pittsburg and fairfield and danville, 68. near monterey bay, low to mid-60s near the bay. here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast, look at this just delightfully sunny and mild. afternoon highs in the inland areas around 70, even higher around the bay 72 degrees and 70 on the coast. this is november weather? this is november weather -- it's
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great. >> as we continue tonight. the promise made 75 years ago to bay area veterans. it is finally being kept. ♪ >> the right and left stuff. coming up the politics driving network television. >> plus, corpses and cancer and rotted go teeth @
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this is youraptain speaking. we are 14th in line for takeoff. looks like it's bumper to bumper onhe interstate. i gotta get toleveland! remove your belt, your watch, ur shoes. i wonder whagas costs today. seven dollars for a pillow! an extra bag costs what? i hate traffic! ♪ [ child the train is now arriving. male announcer ] the train has arrived indeed. take 10 trips, earn 10,000 amak guest rewards points, plus double points along e way. details at police in santa cruz say that bicyclist intentionally ran over a three-year-old playing in san lorenzo park. he said he yelled profanities
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and yelled that he who wo hit them. he left a tire mark across his sweatshirt. he has cuts and bruises and otherwise is okay. he was arrested with assault with a deadly weapon. >> tomorrow is veterans' day. today is 235th birthday of marine corps. don sanchez explains. ♪ >> a memorial to veterans that fought in all the wars. in 1920s money was raised but the memorial never got built. >> i think it's time that we keep that promise. >> a major announcing three design team finalists selected
9:25 pm
in a national competition. >> we had 147 people for review so it was an amazing response. >> their designs can't block the city hall view and they would like a pool it will cost $2.5 million privately funded. >> we have a lot of people that really support this. there are more veterans living in california than in any other state. >> the winning design team will be select next may. many see it as part of history. >> if it's moving enough and interesting of you it will pique the interests of younger generations. >> they call it hallow ground because soil from the battlefields where americans lost their lives. >> its validation an issue of respect and closure. >> from the way our troops were
9:26 pm
treated when they came back from vietnam. >> they will be looking for public input for the design. when we continue tonight, a small town takes on a huge undertaking of replacing a washed out bridge. >> here a wonderful christmas gift for anyone that smokes, its white christmas and 200 times. >> how the government wants to make sure that we all get the message about smoking. >> and partisan programming, a >> and partisan programming, a politics behind some of
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were prese i want you to
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good evening, if you are just tuning in. a shelter in place has ended in contra costa county after tesoro refinery started sending in large plumes of black smoke in the air. power outage caused excessive flaring. in san jose several young people had to be taken to the hospital after a chlorine leak after a swim at a swim school. it appears one of pumps malfunctioned sending chlorine into the shallow pool used by children. >> jean kwan has been declared winner in oakland mayoral race
9:30 pm
over don perata. he has not yet conceded the race and he is expected to discuss it thursday or friday. >> get ready for anti-smoking shock treatment. graphic new labels being planned for cigarette packs sold in this country. they provided the first look at the proposed images. the biggest change to cigarette labels in history. lindsay davis reports on what they show and whether they work. >> cancer patients, cigarette backs are about to get a makeover, changing from this to this. >> this is a watershed event. american people turning back the industry and policy making over the last 60 years. >> forget fine print. fda wants pictures that will cover half of the front and back of cigarette packs. >> every person that picks up a pack of cigarettes is going to know exactly what the risk is they are taking. >> the united states was the
9:31 pm
first country to require health care warnings on cigarette packages in 1966, but the u.s. is now playing catch-up to more than 30 countries that already require large graphic cigarette warnings, studies consistently show the disturbing images at exposing the health risks and getting smokers to quit. canada started using labels like this since 2000 and since then, they have dropped 20%. one of aims is tackle the 20% of high schoolers who admit to lighting up. every day about 4,000 teens try smoking for the first time. >> when people say see this, they will have a change of heart. >> i don't think so because they know the risk, they'll see it but they still smoke anyways. >> when they see pictures. i don't want to end up like
9:32 pm
that. >> they are looking at 36 images down to 9 and then they will display them by the end of 2012. >> a new report that more americans are losing their homes to foreclosures. they decreased 4% but they are flat. october is the 20th consecutive month where over 300,000 u.s. homeowners received a foreclosure notice modesto comes in as the third highest rate. in fact california accounted for 20% of the national october for october. we want to bring you up to date about the little town that could. the town is jenner on the sonoma county coast where a bridge to
9:33 pm
the fire station went out five years ago. that is about to change thanks to some dedicated volunteers who refused absolutely to give up. >> this 18,000 pound plank might as well be a victory flag. >> this is a big thing. >> in just a few hours, these planks will become a new bridge that will allow the fire engines to finally get to the town. >> the people had the right idea. they had the drive to get it do than. >> the problem happened five years ago when the bridge was condemned. the fire station is one side of the creek, the town on the other. in the old days folks might have spent a weekend fixing the bridges themselves. >> we have to meet the requirement of 11 different agencies. >> those engages required a much
9:34 pm
stronger bridge and there were a lot of environmental rules because the creek is a protected salmon area that feeds the russian river. the job would cost $400,000. while jenner has plenty of tourists it only has about 120 residents to share the costs. the fund-raising took five years. they agreed to pay three-quarters of the money but when we visited jenner last spring they were trying to raise the rest with community events. >> after our report ran, donations picked up enough to start construction. >> we hope by the time this is done the money will be there. >> the work started about a month ago. it's a huge undertaking with elaborate protection for the salmon. first they build built a temporary dam. volunteers moved the fish to a safer area. >> we ran around with buckets
9:35 pm
filled with water and worked through the whole creek. >> after abutments were built. 400 tons of rock. >> down here the base. >> salmon like fallen trees, so redwood roots were anchored into the stream. >> these are 15 feet long, so ten feet is in the bank. >> there were drills and bolted to the boulders. >> now with the stream bed ready the bridge is going in. volunteers are here and when three of planks are finally in place they get to take the first walk across the bridge. >> after the celebration the crew gets back to work and the town of jenner starts thinking about the next challenge, staffing the fire station. >> we're all volunteers but you
9:36 pm
have to meet airs aide and firefighter training. there are no firefighters living in the town any more but if you build it, they will come. >> it takes a while to get everything in place. >> the fund-raising will continue a while longer. construction costs $35,000. if you would like to contribute we have a link at under see it on tv. >> more to come. still ahead, bay area doctors giving new hope to a local opera singer. stay with us. ♪ ♪ came in last night at halpast 10:00 ♪
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apparently our living rooms are as polarized as congress. republicans are more likely than democrats are more likely to watch the biggest hits on television. >> a liberal show with a gay couple was third favorite show for republicans.
9:40 pm
>> democrats voted dexter as their third favorite. show is about a police analyst who moon lights as a serial killer. hollywood reporter says conservatives stronger favor reality competition shows while limps get critical acclaim. and number one show for republicans is glenn beck and countdown with keith olbermann for the democrats. here the top five tv shows for both sides of the aisle. >> now for a story of opera singer. she never smoked and she is involved with a clinical trial at stanford. she has allowed cheryl jennings to follow her story to highlight the need for lung cancer research. >> i'm feeling pretty good. >> she is thrilled about the news she just received from her
9:41 pm
oncologist. she is battling stage four lung cancer. her bloodess tests came back in almost normal range on a new anti-cancer drug in a clinical trial. >> i'm so happy. i'm just like -- >> they have been working very well to keep the cancer at bay. last year after her diagnosis she also underwent highly specialized radiation at washington hospital in fremont. that is where she meant the doctor she would later fall in love with, david larsen she says the man that got the tumors out of brain. he is no longer her doctor. >> can talk and remember all the thing and remember all the words in the song and arias that i sing, it's just phenomenal.
9:42 pm
>> the she has time to live her life on her terms and side effects of the experimental drug. on the day she started she flew to houston, texas to sing in a performance. she was there for two days and flew to brazil. >> people like me can keep living. >> she never smoked but she has a genetic predisposition for lung cancer. >> i have a lot of things. >> lung cancer is number one cancer killer in the nation. research is seriously under funded she blames part of that on the stigma on smoking. >> i had on c.t. scan and it came back good. >> they started the lung cancer foundation in 2006.
9:43 pm
after she made it to her grueling treatment. they've organized walks and runs around the country to raise awareness about the need for funding lung cancer research and early screening. they founded a research institute of their own. they are sharing information for personalized medicine. she is raising her voice to help more people. note ♪ ♪ ♪ what a voice and what a spirit. >> still ahead tonight, the remarkable local sailors who
9:44 pm
have overcome obstacles on san francisco bay. you won't forget this story.
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most people fortunate muff
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to sail their boats on san francisco bay would probably tell you that it's part physical and part spiritual. that is certainly true for the women that you are about to meet. >> magnificent san francisco day she is getting ready to go sailing on the bay a passion that begin more than 20 years ago. >> i'm out on the bay. go wow, this is great. >> are you ready? >> today, she'll be hooked in again, first into a harness because kathy is sailor, she is also paralyzed from her chest down. >> family, 20 years old and.... >> her arms don't have the ability to control the sails but
9:48 pm
her hands do with the help of this controller. >> it gives me a lot of control over a little boat. >> and with a push from the dock the little boat is on its way and kathy at the helm, it's about to pick up speed. >> that is better. >> you've got a real current. >> it's one of those adrenalin junkies, for me, that is the fun of it, about the little boats. >> and in a matter of minutes, she has pushed her boat past at&t park and into mccovey cove.
9:49 pm
>> bay area association of disabled salers, the nonprofit club is based in south beach harbor and put a small fleet of boats like kathy's. members include a blind commador and like christine. same method she used to buy her motorized wheelchair. >> the wind are really gusting, you are going from an up right position to being above the water and is everything is going buying very quickly. >> just another beautiful day on the san francisco bay. we are so fortunate to live here. >> they depend on volunteers and donations and provide free lessons and specially equipped
9:50 pm
boats, an experience she describes as life changing. >> you know sailing is one of those funny things, you can fully engage, even if you are not physically doing it. but part of it is being on the bay. it's scary and exciting. >> as the sun begins to lower, she turns her boat back to the docks where her husband is waiting for her. >> she starts to get bubbly and chatty and she is loving life. all right. let's go back and talk about the weather with spencer christian. >> high definition heavenly valley camera, you can see threatening looking skies. the clouds after the snowfall
9:51 pm
another three inches of snow that was already on the ground. it will warm up nicely midday to 60s and a by late afternoon, high temperatures climbing to the upper 60s in the warmer inland locations. here is our accu-weather seven-da forecast. we have some glorious lovely weather. mild afternoons and high temperatures getting up to around 70 on monday, tuesday and wednesday and 70 on the coast. it will be just as warm on the coast. that is spectacular november weather. >> we cannot complain. >> larry beil is here with all the sports tonight. >> if you are a warriors fan right now, only eight games in, 6-2? are you kidding me? david lee returns to new york and monte ellis returns to the warriors. how nice it is to be young and heal quick
9:52 pm
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9:55 pm
be out. >> it's remarkable what you can do at 25 years old. what looked like a nasty back injury he was back in the starting line-up against the knicks, the warriors build a 19-point lead and almost blew it. the dish from monte early on and he had 28 points. how do you like me now? and second round pick, he is did you think go and warriors take control -- dunking and monte ellis he had 22, they are up 19. wilson chandler, who needs this? chandler knocks down a three.
9:56 pm
and with audacity he had 33. nick took the lead and have no fear, warriors back up by 2 and he follows that with an offensive rebound and warriors hold on 122-117, they are 6-2. >> i did enjoy it but it was our deem getting a road victory. >> we still have to go how we close games. we still make mistakes that young players make. hopefully we keep growing from that. >> and john walls, from arenas on the hoops. ten rebounds to go with 19 points. that is 13 assists, first triple double. john walls and leading to another basket. >> on to the n.f.l., alex smith said she could play sunday if
9:57 pm
the 49ers were playing flag football which means nick is going to start against the rams. single terry trying to be coy with the media. he was not willing to say this is not going to be quarterback. smith led them to a win in london. >> as of right now, smith is the starter. depending on how alex smith progresses throughout the week it could possibly change. >> not likely. jets are playing cleveland. rob who is the brown es defensive coordinator and then here is what he had to say about his brother. >> on my brother's head, i do have some concerns, i do have concerns that some of our players may bounce off. >> with a do you think brother, rick. >> i think he a great coach and
9:58 pm
great person. just he ain't handsome. >> and it takes an a half an hour to explain, earthquakes will meet colorado in the eastern conference finals. san jose and colorado are in the east playoffs. you know, that is why it's soccer. come on. earthquakes were an expansion team now to be one win away from the championships. that is pretty big accomplishments. >> three years ago to now is a big change. to run this group and players themselves have really done it. this season really knuckled down and played very well. >> as spencer points out they are east of hawaii. it makes sense. >> the latest extreme team
9:59 pm
warren miller is out and features jonny mosley. from argentina to antarctica. he their eight the movie. he was talking about the film. >> i took a lot of things in the segment. i said i was scared, whiz by a tree or too fat. i'm getting kind of old for this. my wrist tolerance is way down but i still get out there and let the young kids do the crazy stuff. >> if jonny is scared, we don't want for that. >> that is it for this edition. i'm dan


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